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Metin2.Biz Yöneticilerini Arıyor! Tıkla Başvurunu Yap, Sen de bu ekibin bir parçası ol!

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Standart BedaVa eP!!

ArkadaşLar aLttaKi ŞifreLeri turKceLL 2523 e GöndeRmeniz YeterLidir..En fazLa 15 dakika iÇinde eP geliCektir...

play z4dbzm

play ezenwz

game 8tm8ru

game cbknrs

Metin2 Halkına Hizmet Görevimizdir... [GM]iarea....
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Allah razı olsun ep alıcak kontörüm yoktu sizin sayenizde almayı başardım 100 ep geldi çok sevinçliyim cokkkkkkk saolun
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bu kontörlümü
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allahımya kendi konusuna kendi hesabıyla cevap veriyo 2 side sensdin
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Question To explore another world

[align=center]Shopping in Atreia[/align][align=center][/align] When you open a store in Aion your avatar waves to attract attention from shoppers.Aside from visiting the auction house or ‘Broker’, as it’s dubbed in Aion online, you can also open private stores to sell your loot. Private shops are the best way to avoid the placement fee a broker charges as well as have an open shop anywhere in the world, of course make sure you are somewhere safe!( Buy Aion Kina) Opening your store menu will pop up a box with slots to place items from your inventory into the store slots. You can even make a store name to market your goods to other players online. Slotting an item into the store will come up with an auto price the game sets but you can change it right there to make a profit or sell cheaper.Woot!As soon as you set up your store you character will settle down onto a stool and pop up a sales flag to notify the other players. A double click of the store title or right click of the character and (Aion Kina) selecting ‘Private Store’ will open up and let shopping commence. I do have a few selling and shopping tips to share however. First of all it really depends on what you are selling as to where you settle down to sell the items. (Cheap Aion Kina) For examples green armour, Manastones and potions are best left in towns. Certain quest items can be sold right next to the required NPC if needs be and if you decide to sell raw materials to crafters make sure you settle down in the city where the produce their goods.Really think about prices for the items. Manastones are common items and should not be priced high. Most people are quite happy to pay around 100-700 Kinah on specific Manastones, so keep in consideration what people are charging in the current economy.[]Green armour might be rare but if its low level you are not going to get players forking out well over 10,000 for the goods. Blue or Gold armour on the other hand is extremely rare, look at the guide price and see how you can play around with the price. I managed to sell my first pair of level 22 leather blue boots at 40,000 and the higher the level and more demand the item is in.Quest items like Krall rations and Dukaki amulets are buyer’s favourites at the right price during the low levels of Elyos life. I’ve seen Dukaki amulets sell for well over their worth, 10k a pop. Krall rations are easily obtainable but it requires a group of people to reel in enough for a quest and some people just don’t have the time to farm quest items. Use this to your advantage but don’t put them off wanting to buy and doing it themselves.(Cheapest Aion Kina) Shopping wise is learning to shop around. While one person is selling a green sword for 9000, someone else might be trying to get rid of it for 1000 Kinah. Look at the demand and drop of the item before paying out. From levels 1-11 you really won’t need to be spending money on armour or weapons due to the drop rate being friendly and that most quests can provide you adequate equipment. Do you really need it at the end of the day and are you willing to spend the cash to save you an hour or 2 getting it yourself. [] Brokers are the best place to get a deal if you don’t mind trekking back to town to do so. You can find the item you are looking for, order by price and grab the cheapest one. A popular item that has irregular pricing are the skill books for Spiritmasters. (aion gold) I’ve seen the books sell from 500 to 20,000 Kinah so it is worth the digging around.The shout command can really come in handy for purchasing goods as well, shouting out what you need and hoping someone will come to your rescue is always a lazy way to get what you want but someone might be trying to get rid of the item you need and willing to cut you a deal.
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